Comprehensive Atmosphere N' Ocean Engine
Todo List
Member AbsorberFactory::search_path
make it a static member of Absorber search path for radiation input file
Member AirParcelHelper::gather_from_conserved (MeshBlock const *pmb, int k, int j, int i)
not correct for cubed sphere
Member CelestrialBody::ParentInsolationFlux (Real wlo, Real whi, Real dist_au)
check whether this is correct
Member GiantPlanets::MwrAbsorberH2O::MwrAbsorberH2O ()
check Karpowics model
Member Kessler94::EvolveOneStep (AirParcel *air, Real time, Real dt) override
check this
Member Microphysics::input_key
(CLI) track cloud temperature and momentum tem, v1, v2, v3 enum { NCLOUD_HYDRO = 4 };
Member ParticleBase::DumpRestartData (char *pdst) const override
mark out invalid particles
Member Physics::ApplyPhysicsPackages (AthenaArray< Real > &du, AthenaArray< Real > const &w, Real time, Real dt)
THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED u -> du. CHECK other packages for updates
Member Radiation::LoadRestartData (char *psrt) override
check me